Change log

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1 changes

25 Apr 2024

You can view number of saved websites

Your number of saves cards now updated automatically so you can see how many bookmarks you have saved.

1 changes

19 Apr 2024

New image upload backend

Finish refactoring new image upload backend

1 changes

31 Mar 2024

Can't add tags
4 changes

25 Mar 2024

Download saved images

Now you can download saved images with just a click

New notification design
New 'drag & drop' image UI

Now a new UI appears when you drag and drop an image to WebBites.

Automatic generated tags for images

Tags get automatically generated for every new image that you save to WebBites.

2 changes

24 Mar 2024

Settings for hotkeys

Please add availability to change hotkeys, or disable them entirely. It's very annoying when I use hotkeys and webbites window pops up

Fixed read article feature

Now you can listen to your saved articles using an AI generated voice.

2 changes

9 Mar 2024

Mymind import

I have data in mymind that I exported, now I want to import those into WebBites.

Fixed minor bug where the card would shrink when clicking on the card menu
3 changes

16 Feb 2024

Fixed order bug

Fix a bug where the first bookmark on the grid was an old one and wasn't showing chronologically.

Fixed minor bugs for the Chrome extension
Added more notification types and improved error messages for Chrome extension
2 changes

29 Jan 2024

Elements that overlap are corrected faster

I've made the grid more performant when resizing the screen, as well as making it adapt faster so elements don't overlap.

Tweets / ๐• post bookmarks have a brand new design
1 changes

28 Jan 2024

Search and save video games
1 changes

26 Jan 2024

See all changes made to WebBites

Have a dedicated page where a user can see all the changes made to the service, like a change log page.

5 changes

25 Jan 2024

Filter feedback by type

Be able to filter feedback on webbites.io/feedback by type like bug, feature request etc..

Order feedback by date
Order feedback by Status and by Type
Escape key not working on images

Bug where if a bookmark is an image the 'escape' key does not close the bookmark modal.

The 'Details' button on the bookmark modal moves when active

The 'Details' button on the bookmark modal moves 2px up when active because a border is not set on the un-active state.

1 changes

24 Jan 2024

On 'enter' creates a new line when creating a new tag